Send me your swing!


Send me an example of your swing from either "down the line" or "face on". Tell me a little about your game...

What is your handicap? How old are you? How tall are you? How long have you been playing? Do you have any medical issues that interfere your swing? What are your most common misses?

Down the Line

This camera perspective of your swing is a great way for me to see if you are on plane.

Please set the camera to be DIRECTLY on the line between your ball and your feet, and your target.

Face On

This camera perspective of your swing helps me analyse your right to left, and your up to down movements.

Please set the camera DIRECTLY face on so that I am able to see the clubhead your entire swing.

"…sind sie mir als äußerst sympathischer, zielstrebiger und sportlicher junger Mann aufgefallenen."


- Thomas Schneider

"Du hast wirklich einen bleibenden Eindruck auf uns alle hinterlassen."


- Raphaela Ackermann-Gottschalk

" Deiner einzigartigen Kombination von sportlichem Talent und pädagogischer Kompetenz war jede Trainingsstunde Gewinn und Vergnügen zugleich."


- Wolfgang Bosbach MdB